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Design begins with an idea or concept. A concept can be the message or theme of the project. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? What impression do you want your audience to leave with? What is your budget? These questions and others like it are your starting point or ground zero if you will. As the concepts are formed it is appropriate to map out these ideas in the form of sketches and blueprints.

These sketches and blueprints become the first drafts of your project. How many people do you expect? What is your program or set-list? How will your talent get on and off the stage? Where do you want your audience focused? The "blueprint" is a means of getting all involved in the production on the same conceptual page. Eventually these drafts become the foundational model of your event.


National Association for Black Journalists
Orlando, FL 2001

Event Production: Bartsch & Trotter and Associates
Production Manager: Steven Baker
Lighting and scenic design: GASlight Design

Greg Scott - GASlight Design
Seattle, Washington
206 - 910 - 9098

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