GASlight Design History

GASlight Design is Greg A. Scott. Greg is a production designer with over 20 years of experience in theater, dance, concert, conference, trade show and special events. Although his forte is lighting he also has experience with scenic design, resulting in a more cohesive project and maximizing value by the hire of one designer performing the services of two.

Greg's creative background began in the theater at a young age. His interest in live concert led him to lighting club bands in high school. While earning his Theatre Arts degree he gained hands-on experience as a master electrician/lighting director working professional events and concerts such as Genesis, Stevie Wonder, Oak Ridge Boys, MacBeth, Dracula and the Joffrey II Ballet.

Professionally he has toured the United States and abroad with such artists as Van Halen, The Who, Prince, Queensryche, BB King and the "classic" lineup of Yes. In 1993 he was independently contracted for Microsoft's tradeshow booth at Fall Comdex, thus opening a new direction in design. He continues to work with Microsoft and other corporations such as Starbucks, AT&T and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Throughout the years Greg has worked both as an independent contractor and a full time employee, most recently as house lighting director with Seattle's Experience Music Project. This diversity and range of experience has allowed him flexibility and resourcefulness in successfully meeting the challenge of each new project.

Greg currently lives happily in Seattle, WA with his wife and children. He enjoys music, movies, travel and fishing.

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