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1light \lit\ n 1a : something that makes vision possible b : the sensation aroused by the stimulation of visual receptors. 12 : a particular expression.
14 : the representation of light in art.

Welcome to my site.

When I was young I recall being struck by the spectacle of live performance. I was moved by the aesthetic experience created in tandem with the performance by use of scenery, lights and atmosphere. I was unable to watch a production without eagerly looking for the magic behind the scenes. I remember my first concert, standing in awe as the elements of effect were no longer hidden by borders or legs but fully exposed, pulsing to the rhythm and mood of the music. I knew then "this is what I want to do when I grow up".

In over 20+ years of lighting dance, theater, concert, corporate, television, and a myriad of other special projects my passion and dedication to the art and magic of light has only grown. I have been privileged to work with and learn from some of the best in the business and continue to grow with every project I take on. I am fortunate to call this passion my work, re-creating for others the same aesthetic experience that left an impression on me when I was young. I approach each new project as a work of art, with the set as my canvas, lighting fixtures as my palette of paints , and intensity as the brush stroke.

Whether your needs are corporate, concert, or other special event, the design service I offer will bring a fresh, original look, adding unique accents by pulling from tools collected through a diverse background of experience. From preplanning through finished product I would be pleased to bring this experience, creativity and a high level of professionalism to your endeavor.

I invite you to follow the design process from concept through visualization to creation by clicking on the images below. Or feel free to browse the site by using the navigation bar.


For inquiring minds: The symbol in my logo is a 17th Century theatrical dimming system taken from primary source material Practica De Fabricar Scene E Machine Ne’teatri, a handbook for scene technicians written by Nicola Sabbatini in 1638.

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