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You've signed off on the concept. Now what? The sketches created in the conceptual phase now become final drafts. With today's technology it is now both easy and cost effective to generate layouts and rendered models or animations to visualize your project without the expense of a full production build that doesn't meet your expectations. Final plots and models are submitted to lighting, scenic, audio and video companies so each may build their integral part of the bigger picture. Pre-production meetings ensure communication between all departments. Schedules are prepared for install, equipment, labor, shipping, and overall event production. Preplanning through visualization and pre-production is time and money well spent, resulting in a smooth, cohesive event and the offset of costly over budget spending.

National Association for Black Journalists
Orlando, FL 2001

Event Production: Bartsch & Trotter and Associates
Production Manager: Steven Baker
Lighting and scenic design: GASlight Design

Greg Scott - GASlight Design

Seattle, Washington
206 - 910 - 9098

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